Local Elections 2018 Sutton Deserves the Best


Sutton Green Party Local Election Campaign launch 
The Green Party has launched its election campaign and announced the candidates they have chosen to stand in the Sutton Council wards.


Shasha Khan – Beddington North


Shasha Khan

Shasha, 47, is married with two daughters. He has a Politics and
Economics degree from the University of Wolverhampton. He is a hotelier
by trade and a committed campaigner. He has stood for parliament on five
previous occasions and twice for the Greater London Assembly
constituency of Sutton and Croydon.

In 2009 he founded the Stop The (Beddington) Incinerator campaign and
has been at the forefront of the anti-incinerator campaign for 10 years.
He was the first to say in May 2009 that it was going to be built in
Beddington when everyone denied it. He has continuously opposed this 
dangerous development. In 2013 he took the Lib Dem controlled Sutton
Council to the High Court, risking his house in the process, while
raising £25,000 with the support of fellow campaigners in the local
community. But the Liberal Democrat council ignored advice that
Viridor's oversized, costly and dirty incinerator was unnecessary, and
instead wasted an estimated £100,000 of council tax payers money on
legal fees to condemn us all, to even filthier air for the next 30
In 2018 the giant waste incinerator, which dominates the skyline for
much of the area, will be operational.
Shasha said, “Beddington North needs a councillor who will stand up for
you, especially when the chimneys start emitting lead, arsenic and
harmful nanoparticles.

Vote Shasha Khan to ensure you have a councillor who has the experience
and the knowledge to take on Sutton council on the most important issue
in our area for the next 25 years.

Gina Mudge Wandle Valley


 Gina  Mudge

Gina Mudge was born in Kingston and has lived in Beddington Corner,
Hackbridge with her husband and two young children for 6 years. Their
oldest child attends a local state primary school. She's an Early Years
Teacher with a degree in Music from the University of Birmingham. She's
passionate about protecting our green spaces and loves gardening,
allotmenting and walking along the Wandle and in Beddington Park. She is
proud to represent the Green party as she identifies with its forward
thinking strong and fair principles for a sustainable future.

Helen Heathfield Wandle Valley



Helen has lived in Hackbridge for 11 years. She spends plenty of time in the local parks with her two young children. She
cares about improving air quality and protecting public services for everyone in the community.

Peter Alfrey Wandle Valley


Peter Alfrey

The green spaces and local environment are undoubtedly our area's main
asset, but unfortunately at the moment these areas are under-used and
even worse are being exploited by companies like incinerator builders
Viridor/Pennon and by in-sensitive development elsewhere. By opening
up a major urban nature reserve and Metropolitan Park with a new
visitor's centre, cycle paths, footpaths and numerous outdoor
activities we can develop the Wandle Valley ward into the hub of the
Regional Park bringing in visitors, jobs and creating a flagship
green and vibrant local area.

I have been a member of the Hackbridge and Beddington Corner
Neighbourhood Development Group (H&BCNDG), and Beddington Farmlands
Committee for over 10 years and have worked on numerous local
projects that have delivered positive results for local people and the
environment. I have provided public tours, nature activities, a new
entrance to Beddington Farmlands Nature Reserve, new tree planting
and improved green spaces. I have been heavily involved in the campaign
against the largely un-mitigated Viridor/Pennon Incinerator and for
better air quality and for responsible corporate behaviour.

In order for the area to thrive housing needs to be affordable and
wages need to match rising costs, so by working with a great team on
the H&BCNDG I will campaign on these issues and to deliver the
objectives set out in the neighbourhood development plan which calls
local government and large business to account and puts local people
and the quality of the environment first and foremost.

Claire Jackson-Prior Stonecot



Claire has lived in the Stonecot ward in Sutton since 2002, having grown up on a council estate in Bognor Regis and then living in Enfield for 5 years. She has two children, one of whom attends a local high school, the other is currently being educated at home. She has a degree in Geology from the University of London, having studied at UCL. She has worked in a wholesale newsagent and a photographic agency and is at present a direct seller.

Claire is passionate about the NHS, and is a member of the Keep Our St Helier Campaign (KOSHH). Her children were both born at St Helier, and she 

herself was treated there for a heart attack in 2008, so she understands 

the importance of having an acute hospital nearby. She opposes the plans of the Epsom and St Helier Hospitals NHS Trust to replace the 2 acute facilities we currently have at Epsom and St Helier Hospitals with a single acute unit. She also opposes the cuts to NHS Services and prescriptions and proposals to reduce the number of GP surgeries.

Claire is also concerned with many other local issues including parking problems outside schools, stress on children being prepared for standardised testing, provision in schools for pupils with special educational needs, litter, domestic rubbish collections being missed, dog fouling and the condition of local roads, paths and cycle lanes.

Cumar Saha Stonecot


Cumar Saha

Cumar has worked as a telecommunication engineer for almost 30 years,
and holds a degree in electronics engineering from the University of
Westminster. Cumar is happily married with three children, all of whom
have been educated in local Sutton and Wallington schools. He has lived
in Stonecot for more than 25 years and is passionate about the local
community, shown through his support to the council in providing the
voluntary meals on wheels service.

As a communication engineer, Cumar has helped Royal Marsden Cancer
Hospital in Sutton to maintain their communication system to a high
standard and has volunteered his time to help resolve complex issues. He
has also worked as an Engineering Consultant for a number of
communication companies and is passionate about renewable energy. Cumar
believes local councils can do more to help residents shift to renewable
energy sources and reduce household electricity bills by improving
energy efficiency. 

Cumar has also previously worked as a physics and mathematics teacher
at local schools in Sutton, Carshalton and Epsom, and believes school
funding needs to be increased significantly so that all schools can
offer the best facilities and resources". He is also strongly opposed to
funding cuts faced by local hospitals.

The Green party believes that our 'winner takes all' voting system has
failed badly in local government and means Sutton like most authorities
is a one party state which leads to poor governance. If, on the other
hand, we had the same voting system as the one for the London Assembly
elections, so that the various political parties could have additional
councillors in proportion to their total votes cast across the borough,
this would make it far easier to hold the council to account.

Voting in a Green Party councillor in May will lead to a fairer council
that represents the local people.

Karin Andrews Carshalton Central


Karin has lived locally for 30 years, designing and performing shadow
puppet theatre and teaching  Early Years. She lives with her partner and
two children, one of whom goes to a local state school, whilst the other
is at university. She has researched and  toured  many commissioned
works  on issues such as recycling (1988), climate change (2007), and
the impacts of catastrophic brain injury (2015).
Karin took part in the successful fight against a MacDonalds drive-thru
in Wallington, and is involved in the ongoing campaign to protect St
Helier Hospital and the NHS. She volunteers locally for the Friends of
Sutton Ecology Centre.

Gay McDonagh Carshalton Central



Gay McDonagh has lived for many years in this ward. She brought up her children here and has been active in local community organisations and environmental campaigning for many years. She is a keen volunteer at Sutton Community Farm, helping people to source their fresh vegetables really locally, while she is also actively involved in local music and dance events. She likes to practise her environmental principles by cycling as much as she can!

Bob Steel Carshalton Central


bob steel

Bob Steel is a well known figure in the local community, having taught at Wallington Boys school for thirty years and been active in many local organisations. He is a Committee member of the Carshalton Society and a former trustee of the Wandle Forum and of the Hackbridge-based sustainable development charity BioRegional.
He is also the author of the ‘River Wandle Companion’ book which has been in Waterstones local bestseller list. A keen allotment gardener and mountaineer, he is also a beer lover and a shareholder in the Hope community pub as well as author of CAMRA’s series of pub walks titles.

Ross Hemingway Carshalton South and Clockhouse


Ross Hemingway lives in Carshalton and previously stood for as the candidate for Carshalton and Wallington constituency at the 2015 General Election.

Ross said: “It's time to shake up this complacent Lib Dem run council. For thirty years they’ve ruled the roost, but this current crop of councillors have stopped listening and forgotten who put them there.

“It’s time to get serious about tackling Sutton’s shocking air pollution and shameful recycling record, protecting our green open spaces and working toward a cleaner, greener, healthier borough.”

Peter Friel Sutton Central


Peter Hickson Sutton West


peter hickson

Mr Hickson was a self-described “old-style socialist” prior to his joining the Green Party in mid-1980s.

The father-of-two, who lives in Cheam, was a postman in Sutton for 25 
The Green Party candidate will be having an exhibition of his art work 
in the newly refurbished Sutton Central Library art gallery this summer.
He is not a fan of the current electoral “first past the post” system 
and believes proportional representation is more democratic. 

Peter Hickson is an active campaigner opposing privatisation of services like 
the NHS and supports workers rights and decent pay and pensions. He is 
also keen to support better streets for cycling and walking.

Michael Boulton The Wrythe


Michal Boulton

Michael Boulton was born in London Borough of Bexley and has lived in Croydon for 35 years and Sutton for the last 5 years. Michael is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and has worked in the construction industry for nearly 20 years since graduating from Kingston University. His work on public infrastructure projects for Government Agencies and Local Authorities means that Michael has a good understanding of the financial complexities and risks associated with public procurement and as a Councillor would be able to provide the scrutiny that so often appears to be lacking in Local Government. Michael joined the Green Party as he had become disillusioned with the way Local Council controlled  by all three major parties appeared to be rail-roading projects through without  adequately considering the effects on the environment and local people.  Michael is a keen allotment gardener and was until recently Chairman at Pampisford Road Allotment Society where he organised a number of improvements to the site.

Penny Mouncey The Wrythe


penny mouncey

Penny Mouncey has lived in Wallington and Carshalton for 30 years. 
Penny is a qualified counsellor, with two daughters and two 
grandchildren. She has been active in various environmental and 
community groups, and joined the Green Party after becoming 
disillusioned with other parties’ lack of vision and obsession with 
economic growth at the expense of quality of life. She wants to improve 
Sutton’s record on housing, road safety, and energy. She would press for 
bringing into use empty properties, extending 20mph speed limits in 
residential streets, and offering help with insulation and domestic 
renewable energy to create jobs and tackle climate change at local 

Phil Mouncey The Wrythe


Phil Mouncey

Phil Mouncey has lived in Wallington and Carshalton for 25 years. Now 
retired, he formerly worked in the Department of the Environment dealing 
with housing policy and environmental research. He is married with two 
step daughters and two grandchildren. He has been an active Green Party 
member for over 20 years and volunteered with various local community 
groups. He is currently involved with the community redevelopment 
project at The Lodge in Carshalton. He strongly believes in the idea of 
“think global, act local”.

Maeve Tomlinson Wallington South


maeve tomlinson 

Maeve Tomlinson has lived in Wallington for over 20 years and has been 
a member of the Green Party for over 4 years. In the previous local 
elections in 2014, she stood as a Green Party candidate in Wallington 
South as well as the Sutton and Cheam Parliamentary candidate in the 
General election in 2015. Maeve has a degree in Arts and Design and she 
has worked as photographer, sustainable transport project officer, 
recycling promoter and currently for over 3 years as a cycling 
instructor, teaching adults and children from complete beginner to more 
advanced on how to cycle more safely on the road. Maeve attends the 
local ‘Get Sutton Cycling’ group, has been involved with the ‘Stop the 
Incinerator’ campaign and is concerned that St Helier and Epsom hospital 
maintain all their acute services. ‘I like to try and be as sustainable 
as I can, by recycling, reusing, ordering a weekly organic vegetable box 
and using cycling, walking and public transport as much as I can. I 
stand with the Green Party, who ensure looking after human health and 
the environment are at the heart of policy and electing Green Party 
councillors will bring the best quality of life to Sutton residents, 
according to their wishes for the area.’


Verity Thomson Wallington North


I want to ensure local people are consulted and represented when it comes to making decisions about our local area, schools, hospitals, services and green spaces; that expert advice is sought and heeded and that changes are not being made outside of our control.

I have lived in Sutton and Carshalton for about 15 years having grown up in New Malden and then studying at Kingston University and the University of Humberside gaining a Fine Art degree. I still love being creativebut my interest in the environment and sustainability lead me to pursue a career in this field. 

I have worked for local charities EcoLocal and Bioregional and have also volunteered at Sutton Ecology Centre. I worked for a number of years at the Energy Saving Trust based in London and now work for the Wandle Trust as their Education officer, leading outdoor sessions with children from local schools, engaging them with their local river and environment and learning outside of the classroom. I love my job!

I am very proud of our borough’s local green spaces, the beautiful river Wandle running through them and the many community organisations that help to enrich our local area.My partner and I love living in Carshalton and my interest, passion and concern for our environment has grown even more since having our two children and looking to their future, and beyond. They currently attend a local school in Carshalton. 

I am also a keen allotment gardener and enjoy growing our own fruit and vegetables.

Mark Webb Wallington North


mark webb

Mark has lived in the ward since 2009 and both his children attended local schools. He joined the local Green Party in 2014 and has campaigned on housing and transport issues. He believes the Green Party is the only truely progressive party promoting policies for the future, investing in our future, fighting austerity in particular for the NHS, education, housing and for better environmental policies.

He worked as an architect and then for a contractor, recently working on the Crossrail project. He also worked in Asia and Germany.

He grew up in East Sussex and studied in Sheffield having been born in South London and enjoys walking and cycling.