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Response to Get Sutton Cycling's question about how we would help The Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy 


'Get Sutton Cycling's' (Get Sutton Cycling are the Sutton arm of the London Cycling Campaign) question:

The Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy (the final version of which was published yesterday, 19 March) aims to change the way people choose to travel so that, by 2041, 80 per cent of all Londoners' trips will be made on foot, by cycle or by public transport. How would the Green Party in Sutton help the Mayor deliver on this target if it were to win control of the Council on 3 May


Sutton Green Party's answer:

Sutton Green Party were the first to sign up to the Liveable London pledge, which is in line with achieving the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy to enable local authorities to create healthy streets to tackle the physical activity crisis, reduce air pollution and traffic on our streets, making them more safe for everyone: 






By the Green Party ensuring that Sutton takes advantage of the Liveable Neighbourhood programme introduced by Greater London Authority (GLA) and Transport for London (TfL), Sutton Council can make a high quality bid for up to £10 million pounds to transform our local area towards prioritising people to be able to walk and cycle safely and happily, which will also encourage less private car use.


The Green Party would help the Mayor of London achieve his transport strategy by working with London Cycling Campaign, Sustrans and Living Streets, as well as with other walking and cycling campaign groups and organisations, to achieve what is written within our own national Green Party health and transport policy to put people first as follows:


HE1000 - ‘Green Party policy recognises that we must promote public health through policies designed to secure a healthy urban and rural environment.’ and ‘The Green Party recognises that evidence clearly shows that many of our economic and social policies would contribute to improved well-being for all, such as increased community participation’




TR030 Transport planning will need to follow a prioritisation of modes of transport to produce a sustainable transport system (see LP409). All levels of government would be expected to follow the basic hierarchy outlined below. Local authorities will be expected to use the hierarchy in a manner that does not conflict with other green objectives. The requirements for access by emergency vehicles would not be affected by this hierarchy.

1 Walking and disabled access.

2 Cycling.

3 Public transport (trains, light rail/trams, buses and ferries) and rail and water-borne freight.

4 Light goods vehicles, taxis and low powered motor cycles.

5 Private motorised transport (cars & high powered motor cycles).

6 Heavy goods vehicles.

7 Aeroplanes.’


‘School Transport

TR100 Safe routes to schools would be given the highest priority by the Green Party, so that most children are able to walk or cycle to school’




You only need to look back to the last London local elections in 2014 to see our commitment for walking and cycling in London:



With regards to elected Green Party representatives helping the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy becoming a reality, you can see current transport and air policies being created by looking to one of our elected Green London Assembly members, Caroline Russell, who has been directly influencing our current Mayor on these issues: 




People-friendly transport:



Cleaning up London’s Air:



A need to promote active travel, such as with Green Party votes, is seen as critical especially when the UK is the most overweight country in Western Europe according to the OECD:




Greens on Sutton council will push for a high quality Liveable London bid, making it a priority, especially important when we found out in 2017, via ‘Get Sutton Cycling’ that Liberal Democrat Sutton council made no bid for 2018 Liveable Neighbourhood funding, missing out on the opportunity for grants of between £1m and £10million to create a Liveable Sutton:





Though the London Borough of Sutton has a Sustainable Transport policy and Cycling Strategy for Sutton approved by committee in 2015, due to the current Liberal Democrat council lack of political will and leadership, the proposals have stayed within documents, rather than progressed within Sutton council planning departments. By voting Green Party you will ensure that these hidden documents become a priority. Even if councillors are not elected, a Green vote sends a message to our new councillors that the environment and campaigns such as Liveable London are important to residents

Sutton Green Party would ensure that opportunities for residents to obtain free cycle training for children and adults cycling on the roads, bike maintenance and to join in cycle rides, would become more accessible and better advertised:




Also for walking socially and as a form of transport:




We would make sure our roads are fixed promptly, so that pot holes do not create a hazard for cyclists. Residents can also report cases via https://www.fixmystreet.com


Just as in 2016 the Green Party felt that transferring to Transport for London the responsibility for inner suburban rail services was a step in the right direction we need to push for that to be extended all they way through from West Croydon to Sutton and Cheam, ensuring ‘A reliable public transport system that can cope with more passengers’. We would support an advancement of the tram into Sutton and wish for night buses to extend as far as Wallington on week days also