Letter: Recycling creates jobs but Lib Dems continue to cut local services.

5 September 2014

Letter to the Editor, Sutton Guardian, 28 August 2014


Dear Editor, 

It’s straightforward: recycling creates jobs and both are vital to tackling the environmental and economic mess successive governments have steered us into.

It’s disappointing then to learn of Sutton’s Liberal Democrat run council proposal to cut the popular green garden waste collections (beneficially turning garden debris into compost) and with it people’s jobs.

Councillor Hall’s logic when it comes to only charging residents for services they use is equally worrying. Pitting those with against those without does little to foster the idea of community spirit.

Mr Hall does make a significant point about households without gardens. Sutton is nothing without its parks, ponds and open spaces. They provide a welcome breathing space for people, and habitats for wildlife. So I would hope residents can be assured of the council’s opposition to any future developments that seek to concrete over such spaces, in pursuit of profit. 

As Sutton now seemingly takes its lead from neighbouring Labour and Conservative councils when it comes to cutting vital local public services, I wonder what’s next. Charging residents for the street lights they use?

It is clear Sutton council is short of ideas - missing opportunities to recycle food waste, overseeing a fall in the national recycling league tables, and now proposing the further erosion of recycling services.  Any environmental credentials have long since gone. I sincerely fear the day the frackers come knocking on the council’s door.


Yours sincererly,

Ross Hemingway (Sutton Green Party)

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