Sutton Green Party announces Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam

27 October 2014

Today, Sutton Green Party declared that Maeve Tomlinson has been selected to stand as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) in Sutton and Cheam.

The Green Party’s share in opinion polls has been rising steadily and is currently polling 8 per cent nationally, one per cent more than the Liberal Democrats. In what has been described as the #greensurge, membership is currently increasing at a rate of 1,000 per week.

Maeve Tomlinson - Sutton and Cheam

Maeve said,  “As a female candidate from a mixed English and Irish heritage, I’m proud to be part of an inclusive party, which embraces equality and diversity."

"Voters are searching for a real, sustainable alternative, and the Green Party offers this. From solutions to prevent a second financial crisis, turning the national minimum wage into a genuine living wage to practical solutions that will raise living standards.”

“I'm looking forward to making a difference within the borough and beyond."

Maeve currently works as a cycle instructor and leader, teaching children and adults to ride on the roads to national standards, while increasing awareness and participation in cycling, for fitness and enjoyment, on guided leisure rides, and through 'Inclusive Cycling', to enable people with disabilities and those recovering from illness to use specially adapted bicycles,  to help improve their mobility and confidence.

She has worked for 'Sustrans' the UK's leading sustainable transport charity helping to reduce car use for shorter journeys and increase walking, cycling and public transport use, which helps save money, improve health and the local air quality.

Maeve is a member of 'Get Sutton Cycling' and has campaigned with 'Stop the Incinerator' group. She is a supporter of 'Keep Our St Helier Hospital' campaign,

Sutton's 'Keep Our NHS Public' and seeks to counter the secretive EU-US deal (known as TTIP), which threatens democracy, social justice, jobs, small businesses and our public services.

Maeve Tomlinson resides in Wallington and has lived in the area for over 20 years. She has an Arts & Design (Media) degree from the University of Arts London, having previously worked as a photographer. She became increasingly interested in environmental issues, which is reflected in her exhibited images of the beauty of land that campaigners were compelled to occupy, to protect. She then went on to work in behaviour change projects in sustainable transport, recycling and climate change, as a canvasser, promoter, ambassador, team leader and project officer.

She believes that with the input of all local Green Party members, voters and others campaigning towards our common aims, that Sutton and Cheam will become a Green Party constituency.

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