Brexit, electoral reform and a vision for the common good

30 June 2016

Letter published in Sutton Guardian, 30 June 2016

Dear Editor,

The EU referendum result shows how angry people are with a political and corporate elite they see as out of touch; interested only in power and wealth at the expense of ordinary people: young and old.

Yet, during the referendum campaign, fuelled by a torrent of nasty and reckless rhetoric, it was migrants who became the scapegoat for people’s very real worries about access to public services, affordable housing and secure jobs – issues successive governments have failed to deliver on.

With a country so clearly divided, now is the time to unite behind a vision for a Britain (and Europe) that works for the common good within our environmental limits, that tackles inequality, protects workers’ rights, and welcomes migrants and refugees to our shores.

If the Brexiters are serious about handing back control, they could start by joining the campaign for a proportional voting system at all levels of government. If we can take anything from this referendum it’s that the people want more of a voice. Not least in Sutton where the Lib Dem run council thinks it knows best. Not only has the council dismissed residents’ concerns about an expensive, polluting incinerator in Beddington, it thought it could slip through unnoticed a plan that would lead to the carve up of precious greenbelt land used by the Diamond Centre for Disabled Riders.

It's time to shake up this arrogant and complacent council. If you live in Carshalton Central ward I urge you to get out and vote at the by-election on Thursday 28 July. It’s time for a change.


Ross Hemingway

Green party candidate for Carshalton Central ward by-election.

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