Greenbelt: Sutton Lib Dems forced into embarrassing climbdown

13 August 2016

Letter to the Sutton Guardian, 13 August 2016

A recent Lib Dem-run council plan would have seen local greenbelt land near Wellfield Gardens carved up and sold off to developers. It would have also threatened the future of the much loved Diamond Centre for Disabled Riders.  Yet, strong and principled opposition from local residents forced the Lib Dems to stop short of destroying our environment and a vital local community asset.

It's galling then to read in their latest propaganda sheet, shoved through my letterbox, the Lib Dems effectively taking credit for 'saving' local green belt - when the truth is that massive public pressure forced them into an embarrassing climbdown.

Residents across the borough are tired of this cynical political spinning, yet the Lib Dems continue to play us for fools. They ought to be ashamed. Or is this their new strategy? Propose the ridiculous, fuel anxiety and uncertainty, waste peoples' time, and then having been forced to u-turn on their proposals, claim a victory. Whatever it is, it's disgraceful.


Ross Hemingway

Sutton Green Party



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