Local Elections 2018

9 April 2018

We’re pleased to say that we have 18 candidates standing for the Green
Party in next month’s, 3rd May 2018 local elections here in Sutton. Of
course we would have liked even more, but we’re quite a small local
party and we are pleased that we are fielding a very respectable tally
once more. We plan to win over support from people disillusioned with
the Liberal Democrats ‘incinerator party’, who have also let down the
arts and culture in the borough with their mismanagement of the theatres
and the sacking of professional staff in the museums, Whitehall and the
library. We are also a natural home for voters who don’t want to see the
Conservatives lay waste to our public services, and privatise everything
that the Liberal Democrats have not got round to outsourcing yet.
As you may know we've been working towards standing a record number of
candidates since these seats were last contested, and the most
candidates ever across London. We have successfully achieved this aim in
the London Borough of Sutton this year.
The following article is our credible, ambitious London local elections
launch lead by Jonathan Bartley:
These are the Green Party candidates we have standing in wards in the
London Borough of Sutton in polling district order on the register of
Sutton & Cheam constituency:
1. Claire Jackson-Prior - Stonecot

2. Cumar Saha - Stonecot
3. Peter Hickson - Sutton West
4. Peter Friel - Sutton Central
Carshalton & Wallington constituency:
5. Peter Alfrey - Wandle Valley
6. Helen Heathfield - Wandle Valley
7. Gina Mudge - Wandle Valley
8. Michael Boulton - The Wrythe

9. Penny Mouncey - The Wrythe
10. Phil Mouncey - The Wrythe
11. Karin Andrews - Carshalton Central

12. Gay McDonagh - Carshalton Central
13. Bob Steel - Carshalton Central
14. Ross Hemingway - Carshalton South and Clockhouse
15. Verity Thomson - Wallington North
16. Mark Webb - Wallington North
17. Maeve Tomlinson - Wallington South
18. Shasha Khan - Beddington North
We will also have Sutton Green Party candidates on the panels of
upcoming local council election hustings:

Peter Friel, Sutton Central Green Party candidate will be at Sutton
Civic Society hustings 7-9pm Mon 16 April 2018 at Salvation Army Hall on
Benhill Avenue, Sutton

Mark Webb, Wallington North Green Party candidate will be at Wallington
Facebook group hustings 7.30pm for an 8pm start, TUESDAY 24TH APRIL, at
ALL SAINTS CHURCH, CARSHALTON (the church by the ponds)

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