Lib Dems ignorant to 'harsh realities of eviction'

02 May 2016

Vulnerable Sutton residents, struggling to make ends meet, receive 'EVICTION NOTICE' email signed by the leader of Sutton Council.

Incinerator rebel councillor joins Greens in Sutton

25 April 2016

Nick Mattey, Sutton councillor joins the Green Party; Sian Berry, Green Mayoral candidate, launches her South London manifesto in Sutton.

Can a nation as rich as ours no longer afford public services?

21 April 2016

It's now two years since Wallington's purpose built post office closed.

Residents fightback: local greenbelt under threat from Lib Dem plan

17 April 2016

Sutton council's plan to trash the borough’s greenbelt, branded 'disgraceful' by Sutton Green party.

Residents furious: Lib Dem run council plan to scrap Sutton’s green belt

12 April 2016

Sutton’s Lib Dem run council want to scrap part of the borough’s green belt, so it can be handed over to developers. Local residents are furious having been kept in the dark about the plan.

Urgent: Please help save our local green belt

07 April 2016

Sutton Council wants to scrap our local green belt, so it can be given over to developers. We can’t let this happen. Make your voice heard by 5pm Friday 8th April 2016.

Tory obsession with shrinking the state on backs of the poor

19 March 2016

Austerity is a political choice not an economic necessity, say Sutton Greens

20mph is plenty: teachers and parents are right, says Sutton Green party

07 March 2016

For too long Sutton's Lib Dem run council have ignored calls for 20mph speed limits across the borough: a policy the party says it supports.

Sutton’s small businesses under threat from TTIP

30 January 2016

A major new deal being negotiated, in secret, between the EU and USA, will put at risk Sutton’s vibrant local economy and its 6,600 businesses, says Sutton Green Party

Cuts irony, austerity and the hypocrisy of 'localism'

28 January 2016

The Coalition government unleashed austerity, the Green party opposed it; now Sutton is facing drastic cuts and threats to local democracy.

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